The Hamburger Pimp

From Rudy Ray Moore‘s masterpiece, Dolemite.  What more can I say? (Except I kick my own ass twice a day as well!)  Dave Embick pointed me to the Wikipedia entry for Dolemite, which says that the Hamburger Pimp was played by Vainus Rackstraw, aka “Creeper.”  The Internet Movie Database gives Dolemite as is only credit, alas.  (Is that a microphone in the bottom right of the shot at the beginning?)


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I am Professor of linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. My interests include a microeconomic approach to linguistic meaning, game theory as applied to linguistic pragmatics, language and strategic interaction, and a neuroeconomic approach to linguistic decision-making.
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One Response to The Hamburger Pimp

  1. T. Manning says:

    People should know that VP (Rackstraw) was not just from Ft. Worth, TX, they should also know that he was from a small low/mod income neighborhood by the name of Lake Como. To this day he is considered a legend in our neighborhood. Can you all update his info, that should be a black history factor if nothing else.

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